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Type-C Cables

Type-C cables, also known as USB-3.1, is the newest USB technology currently in use that became available in 2015. The cable allow you to connect many device



Smart Series PD Cable for Type-C

CAD $25.00 CAD $17.99

  Smart Series PD Cable for Type-C Smart Series PD Cable for Type C is compatible with all USB type C enabled devices, It offers easy solution to connect your USB C devices to any phone charger Features Material: Pure copper wire &...

Pheez Series Type- C Cable-(1M) - New |  Devia Canada


Pheez Series Type- C Cable (1M)

CAD $20.00 CAD $14.99

Pheez Series Type C Cable (1M) Features Material: Pure copper wire & Aluminium alloy & TPE & Braided wire Performance: Intelligent charging, data transmission Current: 2.4A (MAX) Length: 1 m Interface type: Type C Cable Product...


Kintone Cable for Type- C

CAD $19.99

Kintone Cable for Type C Kintone Cable for Type C, To keep your tech running reliably, you need a trusted Type C cable that won’t crack or splinter when you need it the most. Features material: Pure copper wire & Aluminium alloy &...

Bubble Fish series Cable Set - New |  Devia Canada
Micro cables, Type C Cables, Lightning cable


Bubble Fish series Cable Set

CAD $149.99

Bubble Fish series Cable Set Features Material: high strength nylon, pure copper inner core Type: Android cable, lightning cable, USB-C cable Function: charging and data transmission Current: Android cable 2.1A, lightning cable 2.4A, USB - C data...


Smart USB Type-C Cable

CAD $14.99

Smart USB Type C Cable A universal Devia Smart cable for connecting smartphones to a charger or computer. Suitable for charging batteries and data transfer in devices equipped with a type C socket. Features High efficiency and safety Environmental...


Ring Y1 flexible Cable Type-C

CAD $20.00 CAD $14.99

  Ring Y1 Flexible Cable for Type-C  Ring Y1 flexible Cable Type C, It is easy to carry because the cable is flexible and is easy to use, reliable quality and is durable Features Material: Pure Copper Wire & High Resilient Braided...