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Phone Accessories Industry Overview | Devia Canada Blog

2020 Nov 23rd

Phone Accessories Industry Overview | Devia Canada Blog

Mobile phone accessories are as integral to people as the phones they complement. Just imagine having to make do without power banks, audio headsets, charging wires, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and phone cases? Indeed, it's almost a given that the phone accessory market is robustly growing. Essentially, these accessories pave the way for people to enjoy all the benefits of present-day technology. 

This is also no surprise why reputable brands like Devia are proactively focusing their efforts on innovating their phone accessories. The company, indeed, is at the forefront of this technological revolution by seamlessly combining their own aesthetic and efficient twists to these accessories with their wholly environment-friendly policies. 

In order to fully appreciate the efforts and initiatives of brands like Devia, you have to take the time to look at the mobile phone accessory industry as a whole and just how much of an impact these accessories already have not only on everyday life but also the world at large.

Examining the Phone Accessory Industry 

The mobile phone and phone accessory industries may be two separate fields but they are obviously deeply connected. Almost any market trend that shows an increase in mobile phone sales will inevitably drive the sale of accessories as well. This is evident in pretty much any country worldwide.

What exactly are these accessories? Well, to gain a good inkling of the standard phone accessories that are widely available in the market, you only need to take a look at Devia's current inventory. It offers a full range of accessories that any smartphone owner can do without. They are categorized as follows:

  • Cases

While cases serve a largely practical purpose of protecting the phone from dust, dirt, and damage, they also offer plenty of opportunities for artistic expression and design. Devia capitalizes on this by coming up with their own styles while still adhering to the different sizes of various mobile devices (e.g. Samsung cases, iPhone cases, tablet case, etc.)

The best phone case is almost always shockproof to ensure the best damage mitigation and is usually made of sturdy silicone. 

  • Screen Protectors

True to their name, screen protectors also make shield phones from damage with a focus on the screen. Who among us hasn’t seen a phone with a crack or two on its screen? This would have been prevented if the phone had a good screen protector.

Most screen protectors are made of tempered or laminated or polyurethane. The screen glass is typically designed with a specific brand of mobile device in mind for easy incorporation, like this protector for the Samsung S10E.

  • Cables

From lightning cables and Type-C cables to fast standard charging cables and 3-in-1 varieties, these crucial connectors fulfill different kinds of purposes that will always be integral to the optimal function of a smartphone or any other mobile device. Their type often dictates their compatibility to certain devices and, for chargers, how fast they charge. 

  • Power Banks

Any kind of way to extend the battery life of your smartphone is crucial in these modern times. Power banks are practically indispensable for a lot of people because of this. Their capacities vary a lot and determine their costs. Devia also makes it a point to make their products more stylish and offer more efficient wireless options

  • Chargers

Chargers are equally myriad in terms of look and functionality. There are ever-reliable, minimalistic wall chargers and more nifty wireless charging stands and car mounts with smart sensors. Almost every incarnation brings more convenience and efficiency to the table, to the point that users will never have to worry about their mobile devices running out of power anytime. 

  • Audio

Enjoy music anytime and anywhere with the help of portable Bluetooth speakers, audio headsets, and wireless earbuds. There are practically numerous options to choose from that fit everyone's acoustic preferences. 

Devia prioritizes simplicity and sound quality, incorporating designs that make sure their audio devices won't look out of place in the modern man's panoply of tech essentials. 

  • Other Accessories

USB hubs and other storage devices, waterproof smartphone holders, sports armbands, car mounts, and phone holders paint a vivid picture of just how versatile phone accessory brands are in making life easier for everyone. Indeed, they are clear testaments of how life-changing technology can be when used to the fullest. 

The Importance of Green Policies in Phone Accessories

Research has revealed that plenty of smartphones and accessories contain toxic metals that can have a lasting negative impact on the environment. These include lead, nickel, and mercury, among others. 

If there are personal items that are usually disposed of improperly, phone accessories are usually on top of the list. What is good is that Devia is doing its best to make its products eco-friendly by being careful with the materials they use when manufacturing them. This alone is already a step toward the right direction to reduce the impact of the mobile industry on the environment. They may not be able to guarantee that all their products are 100% eco-friendly, but they are surely getting there. Not a lot of brands can boast of having the same initiative and policies.


As you can see, the phone accessory industry has already evolved to the point that it can be considered its own unique field. It arguably is still continuing to evolve along with the rapidly expanding mobile industry, so it won't be a surprise if we continue to see more innovations in the future.

That said, it's comforting to know that there are brands like Devia that take the extra step to ensure the eco-friendliness of their products. Such responsible approaches only make them one of the more respectable brands of phone accessories operating at present.

Looking for Devia trending accessories and new arrivals? Then do take the time to visit their official site to see their latest offerings.