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Application Download And Instructions

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Instructions to download the Devia application



Thanks for choosing Devia Plotter Machine

  • For Plug and play you just need to enter machine serial number in the app which is printed on the back of the machine or you will find on the box (No need for any login and passwords)

  • Serial number starts with Devia (DEVIA12345678A) and number is case sensitive

  • Take TPU Soft Protective Film box and scratch the number on the top back right

  • Enter the same number on the recharge option in the Devia App

  • You will be activated with 55 cuts right away

  • Now you can cut screen protectors of your choice

  • All the troubleshoot videos are available at the following link:

  • All the tutorials videos are available at the following link:

In case of any help please feel free to contact at 1-888-992-0939


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